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Love Your Bones DIY $299 AUS (approx $220 USD)

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Right NOW!!!

You can attend this course at anytime! Get started and in 6 weeks you will be ready to empower your students!

 Love Your Bones DIY
The DIY version is a great way to study on your own.  6 weeks of all things functional anatomy, range of movement and powerful insights and knowledge! 
Enjoy all the video content and recorded Zoom lectures and gain a great understanding of functional anatomy. 
You can enrol in the DIY version at any time. 
You will have 6 weeks to complete the course. If you follow the weeks and course content flow, this will give you a great understanding of the functional anatomy provided. You can complete the course earlier if you so desire.
Your 6 weeks start on the day you enrol and start the videos. Please know, you have 6 weeks to do this course, this is to hold you accountable, get it done and learn some amazing things! Let’s not linger or procrastinate! There is no time like the present moment!
Love Your Bones DIY includes:
– All video content.
– All Zoom lectures (prerecorded).
– Quizzes to check that you are on track.
– PDF Course Manual 
– Support material reading list
Investment: Love Your Bones DIY is $299 (approx $225 USD)
Note that the DIY version of Love Your Bones is not a certified course, nor will you have access to the Anatomy Nerds support group. Even though this is a DIY course, Mysan will lovingly hold you accountable and your course finish line is 6 weeks from enrolment date!

Recommended atlas; Atlas of Anatomy, General Anatomy and the Musculoskeletal System published by Thieme (make sure to NOT get the Latin version. Either edition of this atlas is fine!) for this training. It will be your anatomy bible for life!


A Functional Anatomy course that will blow your mind!

Let’s be honest……Anatomy is the weakest link in most yoga teacher trainings. Yet it’s one of the most important components of our modern yoga that a yoga teacher needs to know!

Why? Well, essentially as a yoga teacher, in a yoga class, you guide students to move their bodies!

As a yoga teacher, if you don’t know how bodies move, work and function from the depth of the bones to the surface of the skin, you may find yourself in all sorts of trouble!

Often amongst yogis (teachers and students alike) understanding anatomy is taken with a grain of salt.

Therefore, you may find yourself in trouble when practicing and teaching asanas. Your job as a yoga teacher is to guide your students as safely as possible in their yoga asana practice. As a yoga student, it is your responsibility to move your body so it serves, lifts, and empowers you!

Understanding functional anatomy in motion is your solution!

Are you a teacher or practitioner feeling that you don’t know your anatomy and physiology?

Maybe you feel anatomy is boring and really ‘hard to get’?

Do you think of anatomy as dull, dusty and tedious?

If so, this is for you!

And the best part, you will really enjoy it!!!

Mysan has a really high success rate in creating anatomy nerds out of anatomy haters!! This course will not only get you to understand anatomy, bodies, and asana in motion, but you will do so while laughing and being deeply inspired! This training will leave you in awe of our human bodies!

And as a teacher, you better get excited because your classes are about to become so popular that there is always a full house with a waiting list!!!

Teachers that know this stuff become highly successful! Your classes will be safe and powerful, balancing and nurturing from the base of functional anatomy and that’s when we can add on the wonderful practices of yoga philosophy creating a class that will blow your students minds! In a really awesome way!

Are you ready?

Love Your Bones DIY $299AUD (Approx $220 USD)

In this course we will develop a thorough understanding of anatomy from the depths of your bones to the surface of the skin.

We will learn about skeletal variations, individual range of motion, anatomy in movements, compression and tension.

And the best thing of all! There is never a dull moment!

The course will give you the essential knowledge to teach a functional yoga practice that serves each and every student! You will be able to step up your yoga teaching and really help your students to deepen their practice, gain more health, strength, mobility and well-Being.

The thing is, functional yoga is not a yoga style. It can be applied to any style of yoga. Winning!

You will become a teacher that EMPOWERS your students not only in their yoga but also in life!

In fact, we will guarantee that you will become an anatomy nerd!

Course Outline

Love Your Bones! A 30 hour functional anatomy and physiology course.

Anatomy and physiology is hugely important component of any yoga teacher’s toolbox! Our aim is to provide you with the ability to enable your students to practice asana according to their individual needs and abilities, providing maximum benefit to each student.

If we do not know functional and fundamental anatomy it will be hard to gain the deeper understanding of the yogic physiology and philosophy since it is all linked and connected.

This foundation 30-hour anatomy component will set you up to have a great understanding of the body and the anatomy/physiology needed when teaching yoga classes.

We will develop a thorough understanding of the musculoskeletal system from the bones and out to the muscles. We will gain x-ray vison so we can clearly see what our students need when teaching. Through this training we will have gained the tools and knowledge on how to assist them. Functional yoga is not a yoga style but can be applied to any yoga style. Know your functional anatomy to take your yoga to a new level!

Love Your Bones will teach you: