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Mysan Sidbo

Who is Mysan Sidbo?

Originally from Sweden now living in Australia and teaching worldwide, Mysan is passionate about sharing well-being with the world.

Her journey into functional movement, exercise and yoga started early. She started studying anatomy at 18 years old and has never stopped. Mysan studies with world leading anatomists and she is in awe of our amazing bodies.

The interests in movement and anatomy took her to teaching sport and exercise in forms of spinning, water gymnastics, kayaking, snowboarding and personal training, and for about 20 years now, yoga has been in the mix. Yoga quickly turned into a lifestyle rather than ‘only a practice’ and that is how Mysan sees yoga today.

“For me living yoga means a functional flow on every level of my Being, to my innermost cell. I try to always allow functionality, a variable, ever-changing, open, moving, evolving, and continuously learning mindset, heart, energy and body”
Mysan Sidbo

Passion + Knowledge

Words from Mysan

Functional movement, anatomy and yoga is my passion and I do believe I am here to share this with as many curious beings as possible, with the aim of creating more health, wellbeing, and laughter in the world! My goal is to educate yoga teachers to know even more then I know! The purpose is so they can share it widely throughout their communities!

My life-long love for anatomy has brought me into anatomy labs and yoga rooms, universities, and academies internationally.

I am a student first and my studies are continuous, after all, the wisdom of our body and Being is infinite, so how could I ever stop learning about it?!

About 15 years ago I started to put two and two together and it added up to five!

Our yoga asana (poses) practice was lacking in understanding physical range of motion, anatomy, bones, and individual movement. It was stagnated in set movements, striving to get every student in the class to look the same, bend the same and breathe in unison.

And our yoga practice was almost only focused on asana! Where was the ‘living our yoga’?

The problem is, if we do asana after a cookie cutting formula, the ‘living our yoga’ part won’t be easy to connect with. We hear teachers say, the body will lead to the spirit, practice and all shall come. But how can it, when the alignment rules of yoga asana limits the student’s progress by cornering them to do asana in such structured and limited way?

“Nobody puts baby in a corner!” Quoting Johnny Castle in Dirty Dancing

None of us should be cornered to perform our yoga poses to look a certain way!

Instead, we should all be celebrating our unique bones and variations! We should be inspired by teachers who know how to guide each individual student to their best way of doing each asana. The right look and feel for them individually.

If I has a dollar for every time I heard someone say, ‘I went to yoga once, but the teacher wanted me to do stuff I could never get my body to do!!’

Or ‘I cannot do yoga, I’m not flexible enough’.

And ‘after that I will never try yoga again!’

The problem is that rule based and aligned based asana limits the student’s progress in their practice and therefore limits them ‘living our yoga’ progress too! No doors to deeper exploration of our Being can open if we get stuck in the physical!

There is an easy solution for all this. Functional yoga and movement.

And since I have a lot of knowledge (and passion) on the topic, naturally my purpose became to share it! Why?  Because spreading this knowledge and understanding will create greater worldwide community happiness!!!

My mission is simple, to educate yoga teachers to be outstanding! To share my knowledge so my graduates can teach intelligent, well-educated, and inspiring classes that functionally and uniquely assists every individual in the room.

The creation of resources for YOU

My teacher once told me that I had to share what I know and understand. He told me it was my duty and he handed me the support, the trust and thumbs up to create teacher trainings.

All my trainings started from that point. I have an urge to share this because it’s too good to be hidden, and really, it’s not mine to hide.

Yin, Yin Yang and Hatha trainings came along. All functional, no alignment rules insight and all providing a deep understanding from the old yoga books to modern science.

Out of that grew many workshops and of course, ‘Love My Bones’ functional anatomy course. The creating of trainings and course are ongoing. The more I learn, the more I have to share.

It is important to always check out who the heck is teaching you!

Anyone can call themselves an expert, a teacher trainer, a teacher or a course facilitator, so please do your background check on me!  

See my background and education (a long list of what, where and whom I have studied with through the years hereto your right!


If you are interested in educating yourself through Mysan’s teacher training courses and would like to know more about who you will be studying with, here are some of Mysan’s qualifications: 

  • Lymphatic and Glymphatic education, Dr Perry Nickelston, USA
  • Breathless instructor, Australia
  • Oxygen Advantage Coach (registered with Oxygen Advantage internationally)
  • Anatomy studies, wet lab with Gil Hedley (ongoing)
  • Applied movement neurology, AMN Academy, UK
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Paul Grilley (All 5 levels completed. Ongoing mentorship with Paul Grilley)
  • Epigenetic, conscious and subconscious mind seminars Bruce Lipton
  • Anatomy for Yoga with Paul Grilley
  • Assistant teacher to Paul Grilley at his Teacher Training
  • Anatomy for Yoga with Leslie Kaminoff
  • Anatomy Trains Studies with Tom Myers
  • Anatomy Wet lab studies, Wollongong University
  • Remedial Massage Therapy Diploma (1-year diploma, Massage Akademy, Sweden)
  • Anatomy Studies for rehabilitation and range of motion (1-year diploma, Massage Akademy, Sweden)
  • Chakra Balance and Meditation Teacher Training with Paul Grilley
  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras studies with Paul Grilley – 100 hours and ongoing
  • Bhagavad Gita studies with Paul Grilley – 100 hours and ongoing
  • Reiki Certificate 1 and 2 (Qi Health and Yoga, Australia)
  • Meridian and Chi Flow science (Ongoing Apprenticeship with Acupuncturist)
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher Diploma (1-year diploma, Qi Health and Yoga, Australia)
  • Certificate 3 Fitness Instructor (Fitness Institute of Australia)
  • Bachelor of Business (Macquarie University, Australia)
  • Master of Commerce (Sydney University, Australia)
  • Sport Science modules (Macquarie University, Australia)
  • Nutrition and Chef Degree (Ljungstedska Skola, Sweden)
  • Senior First Aid
  • International Experienced Senior Teacher registration with WYA.

Danae Dela Paz

Danae is a passionate and experienced yoga teacher specialising in Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin Yoga, Kids Yoga, and Yoga Therapy for Kids. he has trained with Power Living, Jo Phee, Lorraine Rushton and, our very own, Mysan Sidbo.

She started her yoga journey with Bikram Yoga, moving on to try Vinyasa until falling in love with Hatha and Yin Yoga.

With a passionate curiosity for anatomy and an unbridled enthusiasm for making our bodies work to the best of their abilities, Danae’s path led her to teaching which she does at The Online Yoga Sanctuary and The Sanctuary as well as mentoring and 1:1 sessions. She believes that yoga (and life) is a constant learning curve so to teach yoga with integrity and authenticity, her studies are continuous.

Danae LOVES teaching functional yoga. She has an energetic style and brings a gentle enthusiasm to each and every class, working closely with students to gain the most out of their experience physically, mentally and energetically. Students leave Danae’s class feeling energised, invigorated and at peace.

Danae is Mysans main course and teacher training assistant. We are so grateful that she is part of the Functional Yoga Education team, sharing her expertise, knowledge, insights and wisdom with us!

You can find Danae teaching classes at The Online Yoga Sanctuary.  Very soon she will have some amazing courses and practices on this site ready for you to enjoy and learn from.

Mascha Coetzee

Mascha is a published holistic wellness and yoga writer, and Level II Certified Yoga Teacher with extensive hours of practice and formal training in Yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Ashtanga), Myofascial Release and Meditation.

She is a dedicated student of yoga and Ayurveda, with a strong commitment to continuing her education in all aspects of yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation, and philosophy), Ayurveda, holistic nutrition and wellbeing.

Mascha believes Yoga is for everyone and has a passion for sharing her knowledge of physiological, emotional and energetic benefits of yoga with her yoga students. 

She teaches from the heart and aims to enhance the journey of her students through incorporating physical aspects of Hatha and quieter Yin Yoga with conscious breathing and meditation.

Being a strong advocate for the ability of yoga and conscious integration of holistic practices to cleanse and enliven the body, mind and spirit, alongside with yoga, Mascha interweaves the wisdom of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zen Teachings together with modern research into her practice and teachings.

Mascha is one of Mysan’s teacher training graduates and now a college. We are so happy to have her wisdom and expertise here at the home of functional yoga education and in our courses and training’s.

Keep an eye out for her amazing teachings and courses!