DIY Lymph, Lung and Lifted Spirits

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Course Description

Next Course Launch Date: Right NOW!!!

Course fee $99 AUD (approx. $68 USD)

Hold the key to your own wellbeing in your own hands!

You can attend this course at any time! Get started and in 3 weeks your energy will be soaring and your spirit lifted! The entire course is pre-recorded for you. If any questions may arise throughout this course, feel free to email us!

Who is this course for?

Anyone who feels that they need a change in their movement patterns, joint mobility, muscular strength and life force energy! If in doubt if this is for you, email us and we will investigate it with you!

This course aims to release toxins, get your lymph system to support your body and Being, give you more energy and to reset some biomechanics and biochemistry by implementing really easy ways to move, breathe and release!

The DIY version of Lymph, Lung and Lifted Spirits is a great way to study on your own over 3 weeks. 

Enjoy all the video content and recorded Zoom lectures and gain a great understanding of your body and Being. 

You can enrol in the DIY version at any time.

Your 3 weeks start on the day you enrol and start the videos. 

This timeframe is in place to hold you accountable, get it done, implement some awesome new things into your everyday life and learn some amazing wellbeing skills! Get ready to feel the change! 

Let’s not linger or procrastinate! 

There is no time like the present moment!

It’s simple, just follow the outlined steps and Kaah Boom! Life sparkles will fly!

How does it work?

Each week starts with the pre-recorded zoom call with Mysan.

These sessions will give you deep insight into what we are doing, why we are doing it and also potent vision into our lymph, respiratory and nervous systems aiding a fuller understanding of our Being.

The Zoom call prepares you for what to practice and play with throughout the week.

To support the zoom call there are heaps of pre-recorded videos for you to learn and get inspired from. These videos will guide you through each week.

There are several practices on lymph, breathing, movements that will come your way as well as 5 different yoga practices to lift your spirit and emphasise the lymph, lung and nervous systems to balance!

Following the steps and structure that this course provides, you will throughout this time reset and elevate on many levels of your Being.

Of course, If you would like to continue to evolve on this level of amazing living, Mysan can guide you further once the course is finished, just reach out!

What’s in the ‘Lifted Spirits’ toolbox?

You have nothing to lose but oh so much to gain!! It is time to raise the vibration!! Jump on and join us!

Your ‘Lymph, Lung, and Lifted Spirits’ investment right now is
$99 AUD (approx $68 USD)