Lymph, Lung and Lifted Spirits

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Course Description

Date: 2-23 May 2022 (Zoom call details to be found in week 1)

Course fee $249 AUD (approx. $180 USD)

Hold the key to your own wellbeing in your own hands!

Live Zoom calls Mondays 5pm – 6pm (Monday 2, 9, 16 and 23 May. Zoom call details to be found in week 1)

Zoom calls will be recorded and can be viewed at a later stage if you miss the live!)

Enjoy these 3 weeks by receiving; 

4 live Zoom inspirational, educational and informative sessions, 16 doses of pure inspiration and easy ways to lift your spirit and maintain your health and 5 amazing practices to go with it all (pre-recorded videos for you to enjoy in your own home)!


How’s your energy? How’s your ‘I’m loving life’ spark? How do you move into each day? And how do you move in life?

This adventure is designed to elevate your physical, mental and energetic energy into happiness and balance! Once in balance you can step into more love, laughter, lightness and joy! 

This is about creating your own health and being able to maintain it, daily, with really awesome yet simple, straight to the point steps to do so. And it will only take a few minutes per day!

Join us for 3 weeks to reset, recharge and lift the vibrations!!

These weeks will provide you profound insight into your lymphatic, respiratory, musculosketal and nervous systems.

Not only will you gain insights and understandings but also a variety of life changings tools that only takes a few minutes per day to do! And you have them for life!

Course Outline

It’s simple, just follow the outlined steps and Kaah Boom! Life sparkles will fly!

  1. Each week start with a live zoom call with Mysan.

These sessions will give you deep insight into what we are doing, why we are doing it and also potent vision into our lymph, respiratory and nervous systems aiding a fuller understanding of our Being.

The Zoom call prepares you for what to practice and play with though the next week. If you miss a live zoom, we got you! The zooms will be recorded and posted on the course platform.

  1. To support the zoom call there are heaps of pre-recorded videos for you to learn and get inspired from. These videos will guide you through each week.

There are several practices on lymph, breathing, movements that will come your way as well as 5 different yoga practices to lift your spirit and emphasise the lymph, lung and nervous systems to balance!

  1. Following the steps and structure that this course provides, you will throughout this time reset and elevate on many levels of your Being.
  2. Mysan will guide all the way and she is ready to answer any questions you may have!
  3. If you would like to continue to evolve on these level of amazing living, Mysan can guide you further once the course is finished!

What’s in the ‘Lifted Spirits’ toolbox?

You have nothing to lose but oh so much to gain!! It is time to raise the vibration!! Jump on and join us!

Your ‘Lymph, Lung, and Lifted Spirits’ investment right now is
$249 AUD (approx $180 USD)